Using Marseille

Once you’ve installed marseille, you can start building your site.

  • You can read information about how you can set up your header, upload your logo, create your menu, set up your footer area, customize the general look and feel of your website, and create your first pages.

Building Pages

To create a new page, navigate to  Pages > Add New from your WordPress admin panel. In the text field near the top of the screen enter a title for your page, where you can add a title.


It is generally considered good practice to set up the look and feel of your site on a global level, and override the settings when necessary on a local level. This will save you a lot of time, unlike if you were to set up every page separately.

To start adding elements to your page, first make sure that you are in the backend editor view. If the blue button near the top left of the page says BACKEND EDITOR, click on it to enable the  Visual Composer page builder view. Once you’re in the Visual Composer view, the blue button will say CLASSIC MODE. You can now click on the Add Element button to start adding elements to your page. You can learn more about elements in the Custom Shortcodes section of this user guide.



Finally, click the  Publish button in the upper right section of the page. (If you made some changes on an already published page, you will see an Update button instead).