Theme options



  • Show sidebar on page - check in the pages on which the sidebar should be displayed (posts, blog or pages)
  • Enable lazy load - click on to enable lazy load on Images and Maps
  • Human diff - click on to change date format
  • Enable coming soon -  click on to enable coming soon option 
  • Page coming soon - select the page type
  • Protected subtitle - the subtitle for protected page
  • Protected title -  the title for protected page
  • Main title  - the title for menu header section
  • Main content - short text can be added in this field for  menu header section
  • Menu header image - upload image ( menu header section)

  • Preloader - click on to enable preloader on pages

  • Preloader type - select preloader type. It can take one of the following values: default, custom text, custom image.

  • If you check on  Human Diff option, Dates format will be changed into the following:

The sidebar will be displayed on the front page as here:

Here is how the  Main info options are displayed on the front page (in Main menu):



  • Type of site logo - the logo can be of two types: text or image
  • Select form header - select contact form from the list: contact me, contact us if you have a question
  • Select header color - choose the color: dark or light
  • Header style - select the header type: simple or full  
  • Header social icons - add link and icon


  • Blog title/subtitle - the title/subtitle for Blog page 
  • Image for Blog Header - upload image
  • Show/Hide post info - click on to enable post info
  • Enable Load more for Blog -  click on to enable Load more button
  • Navigation in post item (for all posts) - click on to enable navigation in all posts

When you switch on  Navigation in post items, the text “prev / next page” will be added in all posts:


  • Type of site logo - choose the text type: image or text
  • Footer logo - add image logo
  • Footer image - upload image
  • Footer content - add short text description
  • Footer copyright - add copyright information
  • Footer show socials - click on to enable socials 
  • Footer social icon - add link and select social icon


  • Show banner - click on to enable banner on shop page
  • Background banner shop -select background image
  • Title banner shop - add banner title 
  • Subtitle banner shop - add banner subtitle 
  • Products per row - choose number of columns on page: two, three or four
  • Count product list - the number of products
  • Show/hide sorting list - click on to enable sorting option
  • Show/hide related posts - click on to add posts
  • Show/hide sidebar -  add/remove sidebar on shop  


  • Projects Url Slug - add  URL slug.  Please update permalinks after this.
  • Projects Url Category Slug - add category URL slug 

404 page

These options can be used to change image background, title, subtitle and button text in 404 page:

Backup options 

Here you can export backup of your theme than to import it back if needed:

Custom CSS and JavaScript

This section was specially created for you to easily customize your site by adding custom CSS and JavaScript code:

In all options, you would notice the buttons “Save”, “Restore” and “Reset all options”. With these options, you will save changes, get back to the previous version or reset all Theme options