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We have included megamenu as a part of our theme.

1. First of all go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Logo and Header > Megamenu Settings tab. Here you will find the shortcodes for each of megamenu type. We have 3 of them: Latest pst projects and Services. On this page you also have settings, color options for both main and sticky menus. For Simple Menu and it's drop-down settings, click on the Menu Settings tab instead of Megamenu Settings.


Megamenu Settings

Layout Elements


2. Then go to Appearance > Menus tab. Create 1st level menu, for example called Services and check "Use as Mega Menu". Then, create one 2nd level item, and "Hide" the title. In "Description" box, paste one of the shortcodes from the previous page.


Megamenu Setup

Layout Elements


3. How to change Services menu items. Please go to Appearance > Logo and Header > Megamenu Settings tab. Under MegaMenu Settings, please find Services Icons and click Edit.


Add, Remove, Change Service links.

Layout Elements


File Structure

Find out what files and folders you get in your package.

Here is a brief list of files and folders that you get in your package. We have included here only the main files that you will find in the root directory.

Main files and folders
  • css - some additional css files
  • fonts - font icons kits
  • demo-content - demo content install
  • framework-customizations - framework customizations
  • images - here are located the images used on the pages
  • inc - additional WordPress components, like widgets
  • js - main JS files
  • languages - language folder
  • libs - main JS libraries and components
  • plugins - plugins that come with the theme
  • stylus - additional styling files
  • templates - templates for some theme components
  • tgm-activation - module for plugin activation
  • 404.php - 404 page
  • archive.php - archive file
  • comments.php - comment section file
  • comments-template.php - comments templates
  • content-none.php - content none file
  • content-single.php - content single file
  • footer.php - footer section file
  • functions.php - main theme function file
  • header.php - main header file
  • index.php - index file
  • listing-blog.php - blog listing page
  • page.php - page file
  • page-builder.php - main page builder file
  • search.php - main search file
  • search-form.php - search form functionality
  • sidebar.php - main sidebar file
  • single.php - single page
  • style.css - main CSS file of the theme
  • screenshot.png - the cover image of the theme
  • readme.txt.png - A simple readme file