The Grid Plugin support native Wordpress post format.

Here are the following supported post formats:

  • Standard
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Quote (only in masonry mode)
  • Link (only in masonry mode)

N.B. : Available Post Format will depend of the theme you are using. Some themes do not allow all post format.

These format are supported in all skins (except for Quote & Link format which are only supported in masonry layout).
If you have correctly set the post format in your post and also added directly in the content a gallery, a video or a song then The Grid plugin will be able to retrieve these contents.

Alternatively, you can use our own post format settings to add extra content for image, gallery, video, audio, quote and link.
You will find in each post type a setting box where you can add your content according to the selected format.
The alternative content setup in this option box will be retrieve at first and if no content was found then it will search the first media content in the post content.

These settings are also available when you preview the grid in the admin panel. You can easly access to all posts settings in preview mode.

Youtube/Vimeo Video - To add a Youtube/Vimeo embed video you must enter the video ID into the corresponding field.
You will find YouTube or Vimeo's video ID, by visiting the video on Youtube.com or Vimeo.com. The ID is located in the adress bar like this:

You can also set the aspect ratio of the video in order to perfectly fit to the video you want to embed.

Audio Format - To add an embed Soundcloud song you must also enter the ID of the Soundcloud song.
To get the SoundCloud ID you must click at first on share button. Then you must click on embed and copy the number you will find just after "//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/" in the url.

You just need to paste this ID in the SoundCloud field.

In the grid settings under media tab, you have the possibility to allow or not post format like video, audio, quote, link...

In this settings tab, you also have the possibility to show all post format video in a lightbox instead of displaying the video inside grid element.
Just by activating this option all videos will be automatically played in a lightbox.

N.B. : All skins are compatible with video/audio media and can be play directly in a grid item (by default; in a lightbox optionnal).

Image Format - Depending of your grid settings (number of columns), it might be interesting to load images which have the right sizes in order to improve the loading speed.
You have 2 possibilities to optimize image sizes:

  1. Smart Resize, it resize images on the fly in order to fit perfectly to each element in the grid.
  2. Images Sizes, predefined image sizes which you can set in Settings > Media or in The Grid > Global Options panel.

Image sizes are generated when you upload new images in Wordpress. So, if you want to use one of the image size set in Global options with images uploaded before installing The Grid then you must regenerate them. You can use a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnail to regenerate all image sizes.

N.B. : Smart resize option currently doesn't work with CDN.