In this tab section, you can compose your grid layout by dragging and dropping available elements.

Available elements will depend of the grid layout and of the filter areas.

The grid layout has 6 different area where you can place elements.

In each of these areas you will find settings to horizontally align elements inside area and to add some margin/padding and a background-color.
Left and Right areas are only available in Horizontal (slider) mode.

Grid Layout - The Grid offer 2 kinds of layout:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal (slider)

In vertical layout, you have the possibility to force the grid to fill the entire width of the browser.
With horizontal layout, you have an additional option to force the grid to fill the full height of the browser window. In that way, with horizontal mode, you can have a grid slider which fill the entire browser screen responsively.

When you activate the horizontal layout, new options will appear at the bottom of this section to setup the slider.

In horizontal layout (slider) if you are in grid style mode then you will have the possibility to set the number of rows to display inside the slider.
In Masonry style, you can only have a 1 row slider because each element can have a different height (so, a row doesn't have a known height).

The slider comes with 4 item navigations:

  • Free mode (no navigation selected - empty option)
  • Basic
  • Centered
  • Force centered

You have the possibility to start the slider to a certain position with the option "Slider Start at".
You can also auto play the slider and setup the autoplay speed.