9.3.1. Call to action short-code

Call to action short-code:

This short-code allows adding section with the call to action bocks on your website.

Call to action (Parent shortcode parameters).

  • Style -  This option allows chose between different styles, which you want to use on your page.
  • Title- This option allows adding the title to your page.
  • Change color for title - This option allows select color for your title on your page.
  • Subtitle -  This option allows adding subtitle to your page.
  • Background color for first section- This option allows select background color for the first section on your page.
  • Image- This option allows adding the images to your page. 
  • Text - This option allows adding the text to your page.
  • Button style - This option allows choosing the style of button.

  • Button -  This option allows select URL and title of the button.